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Let’s come together to create a fun and entertaining way to learn science for children.


Make A Movement. Join Us Save Our Planet.

Saganite is a helping hand towards the community. We thrive to save this world with the help of science and technology. Help us to make it a better place to live for everyone. Join us in our movement and make a change. Help the children develop interest in science.

Research and Education

We provide exponential resources to research and educate the youth of today in a fun and learning way.

Partnership and Community

We have joined hands with many local and state-level NGOs to reach out a helping hand of science towards the needy.

Delegation and Advocation

All our movements are supervised by an experienced team of people. Our work is done under legal bond and guides.

The Story Behind Of Our Movement

Our movement is run under the name of Carl Sagan. Carl Edward Sagan was an American astronomer and planetary scientist who dedicated his entire life to develop and save this planet and make it a better place to live in. Under his name and guidance, saganite decided to run his legacy to save people with the help of science and today’s youth’s intellect. We, as a part of society, help as many NGOs as possible to educate the children about the importance of science and develop an interest in them. Saganite is trying to find and engrave a new Carl Sagan of this decade for the betterment of the world and Science. Our main motive is to develop an ability of problem-solving in today’s youth.

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Collaborated Partner

Saganite has collaborated and worked with renowned people and organizations that have dedicated their entire life to help people and make their life easy. We are proud to be a part of their initiative and wish to create more such people around us.

We Take Action. To Make Better Changes

We Initiate to spread the knowledge and interest of science amongst the children. We are ready to dedicate our entire life to make every youth of today capable and innovative in science. 

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Our Key Priorities

Helping to spread the knowledge of sciences amongst everyone is our dream goal. The day our future generation will learn everything about science our work will be done, but till then we are not stopping.

Help Understand Science

Help Understand Science

Create an interest in the science of today’s youth and make it easy to understand through practical learning

Make Learning Fun

Make Learning Fun

Make learning science a fun activity so that the children can develop a bond with the subject.

Reach Every Student

Reach Every Student

We intend to spread our helping hand as far as possible and make learning science more enjoyable.

Our Campaign

We are keen to develop an unbreakable bond amongst the youth of  today and  Science. For which we have created various campaigns to make science interesting and enjoyable for the children.


We create small educative experimental projects to develop the youth’s interest in science


Saganite helps many small NGOs financially to give better education to the children

Future Scientist

We help the children to choose the right path according to their interest in science.


We have helped more than 100 schools to make education fun and enjoyable for the children.

Become Our Volunteer

We believe that everyone can volunteer to create a better world we live in. Critical to this belief is the need to communicate and engage with people who are potential volunteers.